Online Reputation Management Case Study

Personal Reputation Management


In 2022, we worked with a business owner and entrepreneur from California who loved surfing and nature. He also had a passion for public speaking on topics such as business, cryptocurrency, and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, he shared the same name as someone who had a negative online presence.

3 short YouTube videos featured his name in their thumbnail, but they were warning people about the other individual who was pictured in the video and not our client. This it impacted our client despite the negatives not being about him, and he, therefore, reached out to DigitalOx.


We helped our client deal with negative content online by posting several blog posts, social media updates, and backlinks over four months. Since the negative content did not mention our client's legal name, it could not be removed legally. Instead, we used positive content to overshadow and bury the negative YouTube videos from appearing on major search engines - Google, Bing and Yahoo. This was done through our service, Individual Reputation Management.


The Result of Our Work

As a result of our efforts, we successfully pushed the negative YouTube videos down on the search results page. Our client was left feeling assured, and even 2 years later, the first two search pages no longer display the URLs to those videos and our client.