Online Reputation Management Case Study

Personal Reputation Management


We had previously worked with a client who is a leader/director in the B2B enterprise services industry, specifically in the digital information and technology services sector.

Unfortunately, his previous profession continued to impact his online presence. Publications inaccurately stated that he was involved in an incident despite having resigned from his previous professions before the incident occurred. These false accusations negatively affected his current professional pursuits.


After facing rejections from search engines when attempting to remove the harmful content, he turned to Individual Reputation Management for assistance in improving his online presence.

We implemented various strategies, including posting multiple blog and social media posts and creating social media platforms and websites that would rank higher than the negative search results.


The Result of Our Work

Over the course of 6 months, we successfully pushed down one negative result from his first page of search results. Additionally, we were able to push a second negative result to the third page.

Overall, several positive results were ranked on his first page, which benefited him personally and positively impacted his business growth prospects in the future.