Online Reputation Management Case Study

Personal Reputation Management


We had the opportunity to work with an individual who was interested in our Online Reputation Management services. However, their goal was not to suppress any negative press they were facing but rather to engage in Proactive Reputation Management.

Proactive Reputation Management involves actively managing and shaping one's reputation through strategic actions and consistently exhibiting positive behaviour. It entails taking a proactive approach to building a positive image and maintaining a solid reputation in the eyes of others.


Over a period of 6 months, we collaborated with our client to enhance their online presence by increasing the amount of positive content associated with their name.

Each month, we created 2 articles to publish on their main websites, shared them on their social media platforms, and generated at least 2 backlinks that would rank highly in their search results.


The Result of Our Work

Throughout the Proactive Reputation Management process, we successfully generated 12 positive search results that ranked on the first 2 pages when searching our client's name.

Initially, in the first month, only 1 positive search result appeared on the first page. This client is one of the most successful ones we have worked with.