Online Reputation Management Case Study

Personal Reputation Management


Our client is a well-known businessman and lawyer in both the UK and Madrid. Unfortunately, his business was negatively impacted by 2 defamatory and untrue sites made by an individual who dislikes our client. These statements were posted online, and clients who searched his name could see the harmful content. As a result, some clients withdrew their agreements and no longer wanted to work with our client. This caused a financial loss that affected both his livelihood and his business's reputation.


Upon contacting DigitalOx, we worked with our client for 7 months to improve their Online Reputation with our service, Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Company Reputation Management. We did this by identifying negative content associated with their name on search engines and then taking steps to suppress it.
Our approach included creating blog posts, press releases and social media content. We also submitted legal requests to search engines. Our goal was to enhance our client's online presence by reducing the visibility of negative content.


When we started working together, we saw negative content on the first 2 pages of the search results. After 7 months, and by keeping our client up-to-date every month on the progress of our work with scheduled 15 to 30-minute consultations, the negative results he was once worried about no longer appeared on the first 2 pages of Google. At the end of our work, our client left with a smile, letting us know he gained his livelihood back and was able to form and keep more clients onboard.