Personal Reputation Management for a High Net worth Individual

Personal Reputation Management


We were contacted by a high net worth individual for personal reputation management. This client had a negative link on page 1 from a well known newspaper website (
Personal Reputation Management


This client gets a lot of searches a month so we knew that in order to rank new content would be a time-consuming process. Alongside creating a website for this client, we set out pushing backlinks and shares to the other telegraph link also on page 1 which was neutral/positive.

The aim here was to get the neutral link enough authority that it would be classed as the best telegraph link to display in the results and the negative would simply drop to page 2.
Personal Reputation Management

The Result of Our Work

What actually happened was much better than expected.

We completed our initial batch of backlinks to the neutral telegraph link and within 3 weeks the negative simply stopped ranking.

Time taken to completion - 54 days

This was a 6 month ORM campaign paid upfront so that means we now have 4 months to boost our own content high enough to push down any negatives to page 3 and beyond.