Brand Monitoring and Protection

We monitor your Name or Brand for unwanted content and then attempt to take it down before it can be seen and cause any harm. 

Prevent future blackmail and public humiliation with Brand Protection.

Our Brand Monitoring and Protection service is here to help. We will do what it takes to block, delete, and report malicious content. Once your privacy is protected, you may contact your local police department to take further action if desired.

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What Do You Monitor?

What Do You Monitor?

Social media is essential to staying relevant in today’s world. As it’s hard to maintain these accounts individually, we can take care of it for you. We will monitor your social media profiles. We monitor:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. Instagram
  7. Google
  8. Bing
  9. Yahoo
  10. Any other specific website you request

We will keep an eye on these platforms and more so your brand name isn’t smeared online.

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How Much Does It Cost To Monitor My Online Presence?

The cost of monitoring your online presence and maintaining your online profiles varies depending on search engines used, search terms to protect, countries to monitor, and levels of expected negative/unwanted activity: we offer everything from low-level profile monitoring to high-level blackmail threat protection - ask us for a free consultation about your case.

  • Pricing for the lowest level of monitoring starts from £145+VAT per month.
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Types of Protection

Embarrassing content can be a result of blackmail, revenge porn, hacking, or any other reason. Luckily, these situations of getting something from you are illegal meaning we can legally get them removed from the internet as they appear.

We monitor search results for any type of extortion content and then report these to the search engine for swift removal.

What If We Find Negative Content?

If our Brand Monitoring picks up a new link, we will assess the content found and provide a removal quote. 

Then, our first step is to try a direct removal request to the website. If the website does not respond within a week, we will make a submission to the search engine to have the content removed. 

If the website ignore us and the search engine denies the request, we then need to go the content burial route.

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We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Blackmail, whether it’s via webcam or some other method, is the act of coercing someone into doing something by threatening to release video footage of them online.

This can be done by other people, such as hackers, or it can be done by people themselves. The latter is called “sextortion” and while it is often used to extort money, it can also be used for other purposes such as to get revenge on someone.

The FBI has estimated that about 10% of all sextortion cases involve webcam blackmail and there have been over 5,000 reported cases in the US since 2010.

If any of this has happened to you, we can help you to remove this from your search results.

Blackmail is the act of using threats to force a person into doing something. The threatening behaviour can be anything from physical harm to exposure of embarrassing or incriminating material.

The key element to blackmail is that it’s an offence because the threatened behaviour is often illegal.

This is not a new phenomenon. It’s been going on for a while now, with cybercriminals blackmailing companies to get their data. Just recently, a well-known UK finance company was blackmailed by the hacker who demanded £350,000 in Bitcoin or he would publish sensitive customer information. The company paid the ransom and the hacker deleted all information.

This is just one of many cases in which a company has been threatened with sensitive data being leaked in order to extort money from them. What does this have to do with brand monitoring? Well, when these companies are being threatened they want to know when it happens so they can stop it from happening before it gets out of hand and damages their reputation even more than it already is.

Brand Monitoring is a process that helps identify and mitigate any negative situations with the company. These situations include the use of digital media to share information about a brand or its products without their permission, which can result in negative sentiment, public backlash, and wide-scale customer engagement.

Yes. If you think you might be a victim of revenge porn, we can help you.

Revenge porn is the act of distributing intimate images or videos of someone without their consent. Revenge porn can be spread by hacking, phishing emails, and social media.

This type of content is often shared on pornographic websites with the intention to humiliate or embarrass the subject.

We’ll get the content removed from the site it’s on and make sure it’s no longer visible to your friends and family. We’ll also scrub any content from search engines so that it doesn’t comes up when people search for your name.

The types of Cyber Attacks we cover are those where someone is maliciously sharing information/images etc about your or your business online.

If this is happening to you, we can help!