Negative Content Removal

We offer removal of all types of content. Whether it’s due to a violation of your company’s privacy policy, a piece of art, a blog post, or a photo that you regret sharing or you’re simply no longer interested in the information, we can help. We have been removing content for years. With us, you can trust you are talking to the experts.

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What is our success rate?

Don’t just take our word for it. We keep meticulous records of every link removed or denied and have an easy to read graph below showing our progress last year with about 80% being successful.

Removal Progress 2024

Select the type of content you need removing

Different types of removal have different methods. Choose which content you need removing below and you will be directed to the dedicated page and team responsible for that type of removal.

Criminal Record Removal
A criminal record showing online doesnt have to be a life sentence. Our expertise allows us to get online records removed depending on a few requirements.
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Website Removal
If someone has gone to the extent of creating a whole negative website about you been made with the sole intention of spreading defamatory or false news about you.
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Link Removal
Remove negative links that may appear in your Yahoo, Bing, or Google search results.
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Dead Link Removal
If a negative link the search results shows a 404 error page when clicked, we can remove this from the search results.
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Copyright/Trademark Infringement
If someone is using content that you have copyrighted or trademarked, then we can help you to remove it from the internet.
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Personal Details Removal
We can remove unwanted personal information online. This includes things such as your personal phone number and your address
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Video Removal
If someone has posted videos of you without your consent, then we can apply to have it removed.
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Image Removal
If images of you are circulating around the internet without your consent, then we can help you to have these images removed from your search results.
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Review Removal
If you have proof that a review is fake, we can get it removed. Without proof, we have options to help get you more positive reviews to bury the negative.
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Name Removal
If your name appears online without your permission, we can apply to have it removed.
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Article Removal
We can help remove articles that contain outdated or irrelevant or defamatory information about you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

At a minimum, we require:

  • Your ID
  • Letter of Authority (we supply a form to sign upon payment)


There may be extra documentation required but we wont know this until we have submitted your requests.

Please check this non-exhaustive list of documents to see what may be requested from the website/search engine.

The time taken to remove content depends on several factors:

  1. Which search engines have the content
  2. How many links
  3. Reason for removal

If the content is being removed under GDPR, we are looking at 1-2 months before we get a reply from the search engine. 

If the content is defamation, the search engines take considerably longer, about 6 months.

This entirely depends on the type of removal needed and the amount of links. For example, a defamation request with 1 link might be £595+VAT but a defamation request with 4 links could be £1195+VAT simply because defamation requests require us to provide a rebuttal to every defamatory statement. This is extremely time consuming when we get more than 1 link.

For GDPR requests, we have similar type of information to fill in but as Data Protection violations are easier to prove these can be done a little quicker. Pricing for these start at £495+VAT depending on amount of links and search engines required.

In order to remove content, we look at the local laws in your area. If the content you want removing is in breach of a law then the removal process is simple. We contact the relevant websites and search engines and they agree to remove them.

If there is no relevant law for removal, then we have to try explain the situation and try get a favourable result. The more information we can provide such as how the negative links are affecting you (with proof), the better our odds of removal.

To delete an article form the internet, you will need to either know the person who published it and ask them to remove it or you can use a law in your region to apply to the search engine to have the article removed from the search results. Read more on our “Spent Conviction Romoval under RoOA” article.

Yes, a phone number is classed as personal information in the EU and UK so we can use GDPR law to have it removed. Read more on our “Remove Your Phone Number Online” article.

An email can be removed from the search results if it contains your name, or if it is a work email.

Typically, even if the email address doesnt contain your name, it will be displayed alongside your name so we may still be able to have it removed. 

Let us take a look at the content in question and 

we will be able to give you a better answer for this. Read more on our “Remove Your Email Online” article.


If the address can be located when search for your name, then yes we can apply to have it removed.

If you need to search directly for the address to see it online then there is currently no law we can use to have this removed. We can still attempt removal as we have had some success with this type of removal before.

We have successfully removed reddit posts in the past but they need to be in breach of a law or against the Reddit terms of service. Let us take a look and we can give you a definitive answer. Read more on our “Removing Reddit Posts Online” article.

Yes, we have successfully removed many tweets posts in the past. 

Yes, we have successfully removed Facebook posts in the past.

Beware, even when posts are clearly against their terms of service, Facebook can and have come back to us and denied our requests with absolutely no explanation and no ability to follow up. Read more on our “Negative Facebook Posts Removal” article.

Tiktok removal is possible yes, we just need to see the content you wish to remove before we can confirm it there is a chance it will be removed. Read more on our “Removing TikTok Posts Online” article.

Yes we can remove LinkedIn posts, they just need to be defamatory, break a data protection law, or against the LinkedIn terms of service. Read more on our “Removing LinkedIn Information Online” article.

Absolutely, revenge porn is illegal and should be removed within a few days of us submitting the relevant paperwork.

We have a lot of experience removing Snapchat content. All we need is for the content to be breaching the terms of service.

There a millions of websites out there and hundreds of website we have removed content from that we havent listed here. 

Simply fill in our callback form at the top of the page and send us the link you wish for us to take a look at and we will let you know if we thing it can be removed.

If the content you send us to check cannot be removed then there is still the option of Content Burial. This takes longer than doing a request and costs more but if the negative content is affecting you financially or personally then it is a much better option that leaving it alone to potentially get worse.