Review Removal and Management

Our team has helped people like you remove and respond to hundreds of reviews. We may be able to remove reviews from Google, Trustpilot, Glassdoor and more under the following circumstances:

  • Excessively defamatory reviews
  • Review left for the wrong business
  • Review left on someone elses behalf
  • Breaks the review platforms terms of service
  • You have court paperwork to remove the review

If your situation doesn't fall into any of the above examples, get in touch and we can give a bespoke plan.

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How Reviews Can Affect Your Online Reputation

Review Removal

A negative review left for your business can be catastrophic as a large portion of internet users will check reviews before doing business with you.

Review removal is typically the first point of call but most situations don’t allow a direct removal so you would usually be looking at burial.

Burial of negative reviews is actually straightforward. We have a system in place that asks what type of review they are leaving and filters them to a review page if positive or a form that ONLY goes to you if negative. 

Review Management

We use review management in cases where a review is unable to be removed. Review management means that we flood your reviews with positives from legitimate customers.

To submit a review, the customer would:

  1. Scan a QR code to your dedicated form
  2. The form asks them if their review is negative or positive
  3. If positive, they will be taken to your chosen review site
  4. If negative, their name and issue will be sent directly to you so you can contact them to resolve their grievance

Let us help

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Frequently Asked Questions

At a minimum, we require:

  • Your ID
  • Letter of Authority (we supply a form to sign upon payment)


There may be extra documentation required but we wont know this until we have submitted your requests.

Please check this non-exhaustive list of documents to see what may be requested from the website/search engine.

There are many reasons to want a negative review removed from the search results but the main reason why you could get a negative review removed is if it can be proven to be malicious. This article has some great legitimate ways to actually get a review removed if you can prove they fall into any of the categories. If the review does not fall into a removal category, we also offer review management to boost the number of positive reviews which will push down the negatives.

Providing there is a legitimate legal reason for removal such as a court order or it breaks review-policy rules then we can remove it from:

  • Trustpilot
  • Yelp
  • Any other review platform
  • Google Business Pages
  • Google Search Engine
  • Bing Search Engine
  • Yahoo Search Engine
  • Any other search engine