Corporate Reputation Management

Restore your Corporate Reputation with our dedicated management services. We are exactly who you need to restore public faith and confidence in your Corporate Brand Online.


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What can DigitalOx do to help?

Using our Corporate Reputation Management specialists we can bury or remove negative, malicious, misleading and damaging information about your Corporate Brand from the leading internet search engines.

It’s vital that your customers, suppliers and staff can only see positives about you Online to ensure your continued business success. So whether you want to talk about restoring or repairing a damaged Corporate Reputation, or about protecting your Corporate brand and image so that no damage ever occurs, we’re here to help.

Based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, we’ve helped numerous Corporate clients from across the UK to both protect and repair their Online reputations. We understand that what’s said about your company Online matters, and we’ve developed a number of cutting edge, organic, reputation management techniques that will help even the most damaged internet search results.

There’s no need to pay London prices to protect your Corporate Reputation, we offer a high quality service at reasonable monthly ongoing costs so that you and your company can have your best chance of flourishing and succeeding in the future. We have significant experience in changing and influencing search results not just for but also,,,, and many others.


Although we will require initial input and information from you; on a monthly basis we’ll be able to proceed with the task of restoring your Online search results from a negative to a positive, while you continue with your responsibilities as a Corporate Owner / Director. You’ll receive reports from us monthly on our progress, and during our initial quote we’ll give you significant guidance on what to expect in terms of timescales to achieve your required aims.

Timescales vary depending on the level of damage already Online and the number of search terms / search engines to target. The best way to a bespoke, tailored quote specific to your needs is to request a callback so that we can discuss your needs in more detail and provide you with the most accurate guidance possible. It doesn’t cost anything to speak with us, nor will we charge you for our time producing a tailored report and quote for you. We respect that you have to make the best decision for your company, and we’d like to show you how we can assist you with that moving forwards.

We’re always happy to provide an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) on request, so please do remember to ask us if you’d like us to send you this document in confidence before we proceed to discuss your case in any depth.

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