Deep Dive

Find Negative Search Results About You

If there may be something negative about you online but you aren’t 100% sure, this is the service you need. We will scour the internet looking for ANYTHING about you so you can decide what is and isn’t negative.

  • We check images / news / socials / videos
  • We check Google / Bing / Yahoo
  • Check before a big job interview
  • Graduating University
  • Genuine concern about what people see about you online
  • Privacy breached
  • Colleagues finding too much info about you online
  • Curious about what is actually online about you
  • To protect employees' privacy 
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What Information We Look For

Everyone classes personal information differently. What one person would want removing, someone else wouldn’t. This means that in order to cover all eventualities, we find and list every piece of information we find about you online.

We look for:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Photos
  • Email
  • Past Address
  • Phone
  • Relatives
  • Social Media
  • Occupation
  • Marital Status
  • Property Value

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Pricing and Timescale

We have significant experience in changing and influencing search results and we don’t charge London prices. You can expect a cost of around £195+VAT per person.

The searches take a couple of days to complete as we have to cover every variation of your name, address, etc. We go as far back in the search engines as possible so we don’t miss anything. 

We offer a 5-star service so rest assured, you are in good hands.


Our reporting procedure is very straight forward:

  1. We gather up all your info and come up with a list of keywords for us to check online
  2. You confirm the list covers everything
  3. We perform the searches and record everything we find
  4. We add a note to each link we find saying whether we think its negative or not (and colour code)
  5. You check this list and confirm negative links
  6. If you have negative links you want us to remove, we then create you a bespoke quote based on the total amount of links and search engines the links need removing from.
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Future Monitoring


Once our Deep Dive for you is complete but you still have worries about future content appearing in the search results, we have a Brand Monitoring service which is very affordable and gives you peace of mind that should anything new appear online about you, we will know and can act accordingly.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We can provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement from the outset (by request, so don’t forget to ask us for one if it’s required) and we never disclose the identity of our Clients unless they give us their permission to publish a testimonial they’ve provided us. So while we work with you to keep your Online search results clear of negatives, no-one except you ever needs to know we’re doing it.

Let us help

We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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