Animated Social Media Icons

Social Media Icon animations can be directly added to your current or future projects with the purpose to aid production quality, direct traffic and boost subscriber count.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • And More
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Animated Social Media Example

Following our practice, we pride ourselves for attention grabbing but not distracting animations with the purpose to promote many forms of social media. We are able to apply the brand’s style consistently, whilst also adding that extra touch to ensure your viewers are connected with you consistently across multiple platforms. Since they’re meant to be short and eye-catching, they can last anywhere between 3-10 seconds on average.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DigitalOx Digital Video Production produces and develops the video to cater to all of our client’s necessities and needs, we pride ourselves in being flexible.

We build these animations from the ground up. We develop all of the assets in the animation ourselves, so you will not have to worry about any potential copyright issues. Our production stages go as follows;

  • Research Into Our Client’s Style & Audience,
  • Asset Making,
  • Draft,
  • Animation & Editing,
  • Extra Details (For example; sound effects),
  • Finalise & Polish,
  • Delivery.


No matter what, for animated social media icons, you can expect them to be delivered within (at most) 4 weeks. On average, it will take 1-2 weeks to produce, but all can vary on the client’s customisation and feedback.

Animated social media icons will widely vary depending on the level of customisation the client wishes to have, along with the branding style and other possible variables. We will discuss this with you what you wish to have and shortly after contact you with a quote (after we manage the information and devise a plan).

It’s actually very simple! We will send you two versions of the animations;

  • A greenscreen backdrop (you can key out the green itself, leaving the icon on it’s own),
  • A transparent video so you can simply drop it on top.

We send two video formats due to transparent videos being very high in file size, this may not be ideal for some.

There is! Our YouTube channel is a great place to see content we’ve created in the past. Furthermore, we have case studies and past client videos you can see across our website.

All copyright will belong to you. After the video is delivered, you will be able to distribute the content however you’d like!

There are many styles of videos we can do, we’re very flexible in our skillset. Our YouTube channel has a great catalogue of styles you can check out.

The main purpose of these social media icon animations are to effectively promote your business’ social media. We take into account your brand’s values, core accomplishments, target audience, and many other variables. We will effectively;

  • Increase Your Social Media Traffic, Reach, & Awareness,
  • Give Consistency & Identity/Style To Your Future Videos,
  • Significant Social Media Engagement Increase.