Brand Introduction Video

Introduce your brand with a punch. Our effective and communicative visuals and animations help keep the viewer engaged as you propose your company/brand’s services, staff and values.

Showcase your Company and Brand Introduction Video:

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Brand Introduction Video Example

With designing an intriguing and detailed script, we keep the viewer engaged through what is typically a difficult video to keep a viewer’s retention high.

In a Company / Brand Introduction Video, we aim to showcase and spread awareness of the company/brand’s core values, a brief summary of what they do and provide, and who on the team will be helping the customers along their way. Think of it as welcome, a formal greeting of conveying your company/brand in an engaging format.

Company / Brand Introduction Videos are most effective and hold the most retention when short, so the video will roughly be kept between 1 and 3 minutes in length.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DigitalOx Digital Video Production specialises in customisation, catering to all of our client’s needs in a flexible manner.

We begin by taking essential information of your company/brand before researching what will make your target audience stay engaged, putting up a good competition with your competitors. From there, we follow these steps, keeping you up to date with every step of the way;

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Research
  3. Script Writing & Storyboard/Shot List
  4. Voiceover
  5. Editing
  6. Finer Details (Sound fx, colour grading etc.)
  7. Finalise & Polish
  8. Delivery

You can set your expectations to be delivered within at most of 6 weeks from the moment we start the pre-production. On average, this type of video typically takes 3-4 weeks, however, this will vary depending on the client’s needs and customisation.

Company/Brand Introduction video pricing will depend on your needs, style choice along with many other factors. We are happy to discuss your proposed video and afterwards, we will provide you with a quote before we make a start.

Having an introduction video symbolising your values, products, services and staff plastered across social media platforms and embedded onto your website are proven to have great customer satisfaction. Afterall, most people in today’s world would rather have the content in video form that they have to read themselves. Furthermore, it gives your brand that extra ‘bit more’ as a greeting, it’s a nice warm welcome gesture further giving way for introducing new clients, or keeping client’s with you long term.

Of course! All of the example videos are created by the DigitalOx Video Production Team to show what we can do. We also have past client videos and reviews available to see.

Indeed you will. Once the video is completed and delivered, you can distribute and use the video however you’d like!

Every example video for each video service is created in a different style. For easy visibility, visit our YouTube channel and see which catches your fancy.

Our production has an effective strategy when it comes to content production and quality management. We make sure to cater everything towards your company/brand’s; intentions, values, target audience, services, video styles along with many more variables. The Brand Introduction Video will effectively;

  • Increase Company/Brand Awareness & Reach,
  • Promote Your Staff & Company/Brand’s Intentions & Services,
  • Receive a Burst Of Positive Engagement,
  • Keep Customers Coming Back,
  • Bring In Leads & Sales.