Charity Promotional Video

We design unique, emotionally driven Charity videos designed to increase engagement and retention rates. Keep the attention on what’s most important.

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Charity Promotional Video Example

Charity videos nowadays are typically structured and whilst they did work in the past, people have become desensitised to the format and style of the current charity media. This is where we can help.

We create innovative structures and formats for charity videos to keep that engagement and retention high, allowing for a more successful charity video.

Charity videos can vary depending on your needs and customisation, and especially depending on the ultimate goal of the video. On average, our charity videos will last between 1-2 minutes but you do have the option to expand much further if needed/requested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some videos may differ in our digital video production process, but most of them follow the same routine. For the charity video, the production process is;

  1. Information Gathering & Research,
  2. Script Writing & Storyboard/Shot List,
  3. Voiceover (If Needed),
  4. Editing & Animation,
  5. Finer Details (Sound fx, colour grading etc.),
  6. Finalise & Polish,
  7. Delivery.

Charity videos usually take longer than other videos due to the heavy research involved, however, you can expect your video to be delivered within 6 weeks of pre-production start. On average, a charity video will take approximately 3-5 weeks.

Due to the difference in customisation and needs of every client, we prefer to accurately take everything into consideration before we propose a quote. We are happy to discuss the video with you and devise a plan and quote before we start pre-production.

Our experienced Digital Video Production Team aim to extensively research your charity of choice to develop the most successful video possible. We aim to keep high engagement and retention across all of our content, a charity video is no different.

We have past examples that you can view across our website and our YouTube channel. We also have past client reviews you can see.

Once the video is completed, all copyright will belong to you and you may distribute it however you’d like.

We are able to do many video styles and you can see our previous examples across our YouTube channel. Furthermore, if you have a idea of what style you would like, we are willing to listen with open ears to flex to your needs.

Our extensively thought out and customised charity videos will successfully;

  1. Increase Charity Awareness,
  2. Increase Charity Reach,
  3. Increase Charity Donations & Interactions,
  4. Promote Discussions Surrounding Your Charity
  5. Bring In Returning Donators