Colour Correction & Colour Grading

Having a video with dull colours isn’t exactly enticing enough for anybody to have good retention. We are able to professionally edit, colour grade, and colour correct your video to increase engagement to not only your video but your social media and business as well.

We are capable on working on:

  • Feature Films
  • Short Films
  • Commercials
  • Documentaries 
  • Music Videos
  • And Many Other Projects
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Colour Correction & Colour Grading Video Example

Colour correction and colour grading is a common stage people creating videos miss. An important step to bringing your video to life is making sure the colour is appealing, this is our specialty. With past experience in colour correction and colour grading, you can see our example video with a before on after.

Furthermore, if you are needing a video edited, we are more than happy to kill two birds with one stone by editing and colour correcting, the DigitalOx Video Production Team can attend to all of your needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital Colour Correction process is one of the stages towards the end of a Digital Video Production.

Our Digital Colour Correction Process;

  • Adjust Luma Values To Balance The Lighting,
  • Adjust Chroma Values To Correct The Colour,
  • Minorly Re-Adjust Luma Values To Match The Colour.


Digital Colour Grading Process;

  • Adjust The Temperature Of The Scene,
  • Adjust Colour Values,
  • Adjust The Shadows & Highlights To Bring The Scene To Life.
  • Delivery.

It’s quite difficult to put a time stamp on how long we would take since this varies on the type and length of the video, but you can expect it to receive the video back within 2-4 weeks on average.

The cost to colour correct and colour grade a video will significantly vary on your video type and length. We are happy to cater to your needs and will devise a quote and plan before making a start on your video.

Colour Correction & Colour grading have a significant change in perception to how the video is perceived. If the visual doesn’t match the intended theme, emotion and tone, this can cause the viewers to misinterpret the narration even though the dialogue would be the same!

The colour should not be overlooked in a video, which is why our experienced Digital Video Production team can help. If you are unsure about your video, feel free to contact us for help.

Yep, there is! The example videos are created by us to show what we can do, however, other client videos and reviews are available.

After the colour corrected & graded video is finished and delivered, you may distribute the content however you like.

We have many colour correction & grading styles, but this will vary on your content and how you wish it to be perceived. The director of this video will become incredibly useful in fulfilling their vision.

Colour for a video is significantly important, and a lot of content creators nowadays forget the importance colour has subliminally. It can;

  • Keep a Higher Retention Rate
  • Have Your Viewers Correctly Understand The Video
  • Recieve Postive Engagement
  • Make Your Videos Look More Professional