Demo Video

Perhaps you have something other than a service or product you want to demo, a subscription / e-portal for example. We can effectively communicate this through appealing animations and visuals with the aim of keeping the viewers engaged on your:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Business Pages
  • Training Programs
  • "How To" Guides
  • And More
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Demo Video Example

The demo video, like the product and service – holds an extremely significant role in not only promoting your demo but your brand/company as a whole. With effective visuals and animations, we can keep and bring in new potential leads and customers with innovatively designed content. This type of video is to flex your muscles about how confident you are for this demo and how helpful and needed it is. These videos typically last between 1-2 minutes but can vary depending on your customised needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our process usually stay the same, but have small adjustments depending on your needs. We are able to flex around your wishes.

We usually start by taking the most important information about you and your brand, this being you; target audience, values, competitors, what makes you successful etc. Here is a rough guide on how we produce content;

  1. Information Gathering & Research,
  2. Script Writing & Storyboard/Shot List,
  3. Voiceover,
  4. Editing,
  5. Finer Details (Sound fx, colour grading etc.),
  6. Finalise & Polish,
  7. Delivery.

Like the other explainer videos, you can expect your video to be delivered within 6 weeks of pre-production start. However, this can vary depending on your customisation and needs, but on average takes around 3-4 weeks.

The cost will no matter what – come down to your customisation and needs. Because of this, we are happy to discuss the video with you and devise a quote before we start pre-production.

Videos for any service, product, subscription etc are all better off with videos to explain and promote it. In fact, to keep fighting your competitors it would most definitely be a requirement to stay as the more successful one. Videos are especially important as it is the most statistically consumed media today.

We have many past examples that you can view across our website or by visiting our YouTube Channel. We also have client reviews and examples across our website.

You will have all the rights you wish to distribute the content once it has been completed and delivered to you.

We have many styles and are willing to flex to new styles should you wish to have something else. Our catalogue is just an example of what we can do. You can visit our YouTube to see which style catches your fancy.

The Demo video will successfully;

  1. Increase Company/Brand Awareness,
  2. Increase Company/Brand Reach,
  3. Increase Company/Brand Engagement,
  4. Promote Your Staff & Company/Brand’s Intentions & Services,
  5. A Form Of Content With High SEO Ranking Authority,
  6. Keep Returning Customers,
  7. Bring In Leads & Sales.