Social Media Promotional Video

High-quality, short, sweet, and to the point social media promotional business videos specifically designed to be displayed across all devices, effectively increasing reach, traffic and engagement.

These videos can be used on:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • And Most Other Social Media Platforms You Can Think Of!
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Social Media Promotional Video Example

With expertise in various social media promotional methods, we can confidently produce a valuable piece of social media content to represent your brand’s core values, personality and style with the aim of promoting your business, product or service. You can promote any key part of your business here and with our methods, we effectively drive traffic and engagement across multiple platforms to your social media and website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DigitalOx Digital Video Production produces and develops specifically to fit the client’s needs, we’re confident in our flexibility.

These videos are produced from scratch. We start by diving deep into our client’s core brand values, target audience, style, motives along with many other variables. The production stages follow this routine;

  • Research,
  • Script Writing,
  • Storyboard/Shot List,
  • Voiceover,
  • Animation & Editing,
  • Extra Details (For example; sound effects),
  • Finalise & Polish,
  • Delivery.


These videos will arrive within 6 weeks. It’s worth mentioning that on average, it will take 2-4 weeks to complete. This, of course, all depends on the client’s needs and wishes, meaning this could be significantly longer or shorter than the expected time frame.

Social media promotional videos, like all of our content will vastly vary depending on the level of customisation the client has, this itself has a lot of variables like; branding style, target audience, and video purpose. To get a better idea, we can pitch a quote to you after discussing your ideas and what you aim to have (after we effectively sort the information and devise a plan).

Good question – we effectively promote your product, service or brand by having interactive sprites and animations play on throughout your video, all with the goal to keep your viewer engaged. During this short time frame, we will nail the important information whilst leaving the viewer intrigued to interact with the post or even travel to your website.

The square resolution we use within these types of videos have been proven to be incredibly effective across all platforms and devices (it’s very inefficient to watch a horizontal video on a vertical screen!).

Our YouTube channel has a catalogue of videos and previous content we’ve created in the past. We also have previous client videos and case studies on our website.

Once the video is completed and delivered, you are free to distribute the content however you wish.

Our skillset is quite flexible, and we’re open to new styles and ideas if you have any suggestions. Our YouTube channel is full of various styles you can check out.

Promotional videos for social media can achieve a lot for your business and social media in general. We effectively promote your product, service or business through a short and sweet video that will be efficient for all social media platforms. We will;

  • Increase Your Social Media Traffic, Reach, & Awareness,
  • Give Consistency & Variety To Your Brand,
  • Significant Social Media Engagement Increase,
  • Increased Reach & General Visibility,
  • ‘Get People Talking’.