Staff Induction Video

Induct your new staff to your company in a clear and concise manner with the aim to successfully welcome the new staff and add knowledge of the company and the jobs they will do on a day to day basis. 

  • Allow your Employee to Settle in Quickly
  • Digitise and Showcase your Organisation's Values and Culture​
  • Showcase your Workplace Digitally​
  • Show How To Do a Certain Task Situation​
  • And Many More!​
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Staff Induction Video Example

Our visuals help introduce your newest staff members to your company’s values and direction through clear and communicative visuals. These digital video styles are created in a way to successfully inform the new member of staff on everything that goes on in their workplace, including any health and safety regulations if necessary.

Since we touch on various topics, these videos can vary tremendously depending on your particular workplace meaning it roughly can average out between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our videos are all created from scratch to cater to the target audience and staff members of the company. Our process is as follows;

  1. Research, (Exploring the company/brand’s target audience, competitors etc.)
  2. Script Writing,
  3. Storyboard/Shot List,
  4. Voiceover,
  5. Animation & Editing,
  6. Extra Details (For example; sound effects),
  7. Finalise & Polish,
  8. Delivery.

You can expect your animated video to be delivered within (at most) 6 weeks from order if there are no issues. On average, the process can take up to 3-4 weeks. The time will vary depending on the client’s needs.

The pricing will be negotiated due to the video wildly depending on you – the client’s – needs. This will all vary depending on the style, the content within the video and the script of the video. We will discuss what your wishes are and contact you shortly after with a quote.

We can include many things in your induction video. This can vary from workplace working hours and opening times, policies, procedures, dress code, and much more. We will discuss all the potential topics we can cover with you.

There are many examples of what styles we are able to create, we’re very flexible. You can also check out other client videos and case studies on our website.

Once your video is created, finalised and delivered you may use the content however you’d like.

We are flexible, so we can provide many styles and are even open to suggestions. For easy navigation, visit our YouTube channel and see which style you like more.

Our successful video creation is designed with an effective visual narrative to keep your staff engaged to. We will effectively;

  1. Engage Your Staff
  2. Motivate Your Staff
  3. Provide a Clear Narrative On What & What Not To Do
  4. Keep The Video As Short As Possible (To Reduce Working Hours Spent On This)