Staff Training Video

Efficiently train your staff through an in-depth digital video of their new tasks. Unlike the induction video, this is for staff to learn in-depth information about certain tasks in their Job role, rather than vaguely describing them all.

  • Efficient Training Method
  • Targetted Training
  • Interactive Where Needed
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Staff Training Video Example

Staff training will distinctly and effectively diagnose a particular task at hand, informing them of all potential hazards, general information and what to do if something goes wrong.

These videos are typically kept to one topic per video, successfully going into detail and informing the staff member of everything they need to know on this specific job.

Unlike induction videos, these can range anywhere between 3 and 10 minutes all depending on the nature of the workplace and job role being explained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect your animated video to be delivered within (at most) 6 weeks from order if there are no issues. On average, the process can take up to 3-5 weeks. The time will vary depending on the client’s needs.

Our videos are all created from scratch to cater to the target audience and staff members of the company. Our process is as follows;

  • Research, (Exploring the company/brand’s target audience, competitors etc)
  • Script Writing
  • Storyboard/Shot List
  • Voiceover
  • Animation & Editing
  • Extra Details (For example; sound effects)
  • Finalise & Polish
  • Delivery


We are flexible, so we can provide many styles and are even open to suggestions. For easy navigation, visit our YouTube channel and see which style you like more.

Once your video is created, finalised and delivered you may use the content however you’d like.

There are many examples of what styles we are able to create, we’re very flexible. You can also check out other client videos and case studies on our website.

The pricing will be negotiated due to the video wildly depending on you – the client’s – needs. This will all vary depending on the style, the content within the video and the script of the video. We will discuss what your wishes are and contact you shortly after with a quote.