Individual Reputation Management

If your personal internet search results are less than flattering, it can have a devastating effect on your life by limiting employment opportunities or affecting your business growth if you’re a business owner. Plus there’s the significant embarrassment and stress a damaged personal online reputation can cause among your friends and family.

  • Promoting positive content in your name
  • Burying negative content
  • Monthly reports of progress
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How We Can Help

We’re Reputation Management Specialists for Individuals. We can bury or sometimes even remove harmful, negative, malicious information that shows about you on an internet search engine.

Your Personal Reputation matters: employers, colleagues, family and future employers could be influenced in major decisions regarding you by your Online search results. It’s hard to see where your life will take you in career terms in your early years, and sometimes your youthful and exuberant actions can leave you with a damaging social media / online footprint that needs clearing up later in life.

Don’t let negative content or negative search results ruin your career and your chance for happiness, talk to us about how we can help restore your Online Personal Reputation from a negative or damaged profile to one that lets you live your life without worry or stress.

We can make legal requests to Google and all other major search engine providers about removing misleading or incorrect information; and even if the requests are unsuccessful we can implement a strategy of positive content creation and placement which will ultimately result in the negative content being buried and moving lower down the search results.

Online Reputation Management

Ultimately, our aim will be to work with you to bury the negative content onto Page 2 or lower of Google if removing it isn’t possible. We’ll require initial input and guidance from you and from there will produce you a detailed report every month showing our progress. On a month-by-month basis, we will be self-sufficient and work hard to restore your profile from a negative to a positive so you can get on with your normal life and leave us to do the work.

Timescales vary depending on each individual case and also depending on available monthly funds. We can design a campaign to suit every budget, typically our campaigns take 6-24 months to fix the problem; however results will be visible in most instances from as early as the 2nd or 3rd month of your campaign. It’s best to speak to us in person so we can give you a more exact guide, plus of course a bespoke quote.

We always offer our advice freely and without obligation, so please call us or request a callback today. All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence and we are happy to provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement on request.

Promoting Positive Content

One of the ways we combat negative information in your name is by flooding the search results for individual search terms with positive information. To do this, we don’t use any spam, we create social media accounts and blog posts in your name. We use your interests and hobbies to create the content so the information is all positive and it relates directly to you. 

By doing this, the positive things will help to push any negativity down to the bottom of the search results. This means that if anyone were to search for your name or any search terms relating to you, the positive information will show first, rather than the negatives. 

Reports of Progress

All clients have a dedicated update report which you get a link to at end of the first month of work with us. THis report is updated at the end of each month and includes:

  1. All content posted
  2. A graph of the search results over the last 30 days colour coded so its easy to understand (e.g negative links are red)
  3. Any notes we want to share
  4. Our thoughts on the progress so far

Let us help

We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Consider the world we live in right now, with every piece of information imaginable available at the touch of a button via the internet. Now, more than ever, how you’re seen online can and will have a huge impact on your future.

Want a promotion? Want a new job? Want to start your own business? Want your current business to expand and grow? Google yourself and see your online presence: because for people who don’t know you, what shows up on the first 2 pages of Google is what they’re going to be judging you on.

Now, looking at your internet profile, answer the following question honestly. Would you do business with the individual presented on those all important first 2 search result pages?

If the answer’s anything other than an emphatic ‘yes’, you’ve got a problem and you need a Personal Reputation Management specialist to fix it. Here’s some vital information to help you choose the right company to help you out.

A good company should be offering you a mix of the following solutions: attempt the removal of inaccurate or negative information following an exhaustive search of your profile, attempt the removal of outdated or inaccurate links from your search results, creation of new positive content to create positive links online, gradual suppression and replacement of all negative search results.

Depending on the extent of the damage to your profile, you’re likely to be looking at a commitment to fix it of between 6 and 24 months. Remember, the damage hasn’t happened overnight, and so it can’t be fixed overnight either.

In most instances, with a good company, you’ll start to see results moving in the right direction by month 3, and thereafter each month should be a steadily improving picture.

Oftentimes the answer to that question will depend on the sense of urgency to remove the information – the more you can afford to pay monthly, the quicker a company is likely to be able to fix your profile. A good company should be charging you a few hundred pounds a month upwards – do beware of companies who want to charge you thousands a month though, you’re likely to be able to find a more cost-effective alternative simply by expanding your search and looking for companies based outside of major UK cities, for example.

We have 3 payment systems available:

  1. Direct Debit which is the easiest
  2. Quote payments – we send an online quote each month which has a card payment option
  3. Bank Transfer – we send an invoice each month and you bank transfer the amount to us.

We post almost every type of content possible in order to rank as much as possible as fast as possible. Content such as:

  1. Brand new website(s)
  2. Social profile creation
  3. Relevant articles
  4. Social posts
  5. Relevant images
  6. Relevant videos
  7. Anything you can supply us