Political Reputation Management

Political reputation can be very complicated. No one has mastered it, otherwise politicians wouldn’t have negativity surrounding their online presence. That doesn’t mean to say you can’t manage it. 

We actively bury and remove unwanted content, so that any negative press is severely limited in its ability to affect you.

  • Online monitoring
  • Proactive campaigns
  • Immediate content removals
  • Ongoing positive content placement
  • Control the narrative on all channels
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Online Monitoring

As part of every campaign, we start by enacting monitoring on every type of media source so that we can find potentially negative content and handle it before it becomes a major problem.

This enables us to be proactive with our approach to your campaign, instead of reacting every time a new piece of content suddenly appears on page 1 of your searches.

Depending on the type of content published, we may be able to have it removed within a few days so the damage it could cause is massively reduced.

Proactive Campaign

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The most effective Political reputation management campaigns are the ones that don’t wait for something to go wrong before putting one in place. 

This is why we always recommend having a plan in place for your political campaign, even if you don’t have anything to bury or remove. This leads to 2 positive outcomes: 

  • Pre-populate your searches with positive content
  • Mitigate the damage future negative content will have on your online profile

For lack of a better phrase, don’t get caught with your pants down.

Immediate Content Removal

Once we have the monitoring and the proactive campaigns in place, this gives us the best possible advantage when it comes to harmful content appearing on your searches.

As soon as we get a notification about anything new appearing on your searches, we immediately categorise it (positive/negative/neutral)

If the content is harmful, we may then be able to apply to the website and/or relevant search engines to have the link removed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have (and share with you) monthly update sheets which keep track of everything we have done for you month by month. It shows:

  1. The search results that month, colour coded by link type (green is positive, blue is neutral and red is negative).
  2. All the content we have posted
  3. All the social media posts published
  4. Notes specifically about your results or the work we have done
  5. Anything else you want us to track.

Absolutely. If you agreed to supply us content and then cannot, we can either post extra content elsewhere or even create new content ourselves (which is the typical solution we advise).

The time taken is the number one question we get and it can be answered, just not broadly. For example, imagine a politician in a tiny town asking this question. The answer could be a few weeks to a month. Now imagine the same question when the politician is Donald Trump. Now we are talking months, simply because there are a lot of angles to cover, a lot of news sources to beat, and a lot of social media platforms to outrank when they are all trying to be number one on your search term for that exposure.

We utilise monitoring services which allow us to trawl the internet looking for mentions of your name.

We get notifications about all new links appearing on the search engines, when we get a hit for negative links for your name, we spring into action to have it removed or plan to keep it buried.