Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising​

Pay Per Click advertising with us can be the most effective method to get your business discovered online and under the nose of potential clients.

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Google Ads
We are a Google Ads Search certified agency and can produce bespoke advertising campaigns.
PPC Remarketing
We can create highly efficient campaigns to target visitors who have already visited your website, increasing conversion rates dramatically.
Conversion Rate Optimisation
We can optimise your website to increase the chance of a customer completing that contact form or purchase.
Social Media Advertising
We can generate brand awareness and exposure by taking advantage of the biggest social media websites.

Analytics and Tag Manager

We can narrow down your ideal visitor, best selling products and best times to sell your products.
  • Find out where visitors come from
  • Find out what times visitors access your website
  • Where they’re based
  • What platform they used
  • How individual products perform
  • How far down a page the customer scrolled
  • What external links were clicked
  • What page the link was clicked from

Let us help

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Why work with us?

As a PPC agency, we produce detailed monthly performance reports so you can see how your campaign is progressing and where your budget is spent and refined.
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Pay Per Click Pricing
We charge an on-going monthly fee based on your spend so we can work with all businesses no matter how big or small.
Pay Per Click Online Ads
We can write your copy text and optimise it for your industry based on your unique selling points.
Pay Per Click Setup
We analyse your industry and competition and innovate to help you exceed their results.
Pay Per Click Audit
We can also work with pre-established campaigns and optimise them to increase your return on investment.

We Work for Your Profit

As we charge based on a percent of your monthly spend, it’s in our best interest to make sure your campaign performs exceptionally so that you want to spend more.


Google Ads Agency

Make your business succeed online through Google Ads

Do you want to leap frog the competition, push your business to success and take your place at the top of your industry?

Pay Per Click Advertising allows you to display your business and products directly to people searching for it, providing instant visibility to the right people.

Choose DigitalOx to help you with a managed Ad campaign:- we’re a well established Google Ads Partner and Google Analytics Certified meaning you can leave the mathematical and technical side of running a campaign to us – you just reap the rewards that come from running a winning business.

And if you’re totally new to Ads and you’ve never used it before well then let us take the strain for you – what can appear complicated to the uninitiated is our technical team’s dream job: analysing the stats and raw data of who’s searching for your products, when, where from and then tailoring your adverts and campaign to match.

We also produce a FREE Pay Per Click analysis for your business so it costs you nothing to see how much we could potentially gain for you.