PPC Marketing

Paid search advertising with DigitalOx can be the most effective method to get your business discovered online and under the nose of potential clients.

  • We produce a bespoke digital marketing campaign, where we analyse and research your business to find exact how to spend your budget and generate the best ROI for your industry.
  • We discover who your ideal client is and target them specifically to increase efficiency

Pay Per Click Price Bands

If you require a monthly spend of over £2,000, our pricing starts from as little as 15%.

Band A
  • For monthly spends up-to £750.


*All pricing excludes VAT.

*Per advertising platform

Band B
  • For monthly spends up-to £1000.


Band C
  • For monthly spends up-to £1250.


Band D
  • For monthly spends up-to £2000.


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