Proactive Reputation Management

Avoid negative press with Proactive Reputation Management. Protect your online image or brand from future online attacks. False and defamatory information can be long-lasting, devastating and expensive.


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How Can DigitalOx Help Me?

We have a tried and tested Proactive Reputation Management Service that allows us to continually positively influence the major internet search engines on your behalf.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t need to act as there’s nothing currently damaging about you Online – protect yourself and/or your company from future Online defamation and harassment attacks by starting a positive, Proactive Reputation Management campaign.

Online defamation and harassment attacks by trolls or keyboard warriors, or even disgruntled former employees and competitors, can cost individuals and businesses millions of pounds a year in lost revenue. This can come via lost customers or lost job opportunities, due to negative publicity or comments Online.

We live in an age where it’s easy to express anonymous opinions Online, and for a certain type of person there’s a power that comes in being able to spread negativity and hate with the benefit of anonymity. For the rest of us, we must enact a practical approach to protecting our image Online – particularly if we work in a highly visible sector, or have a high profile job or ambitions to have a high profile career.

Take a stand to protect your reputation Online, whether it’s your Personal Online Reputation or your Business or Brand; take a stand to safeguard your future with Proactive Reputation Management.


So if you have a brand or image to protect, it’s vital that we talk about how we can help you to protect yourself from future Online attacks. Whatever your circumstances or story, you can rely on our absolute discretion and our honest opinion about what you should do to future proof your Online image / brand.

We can provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement from the outset (by request, so don’t forget to ask us for one if it’s required) and we never disclose the identity of our Clients unless they give us their permission to publish a testimonial they’ve provided us. So while we work with you to keep your Online search results clear of negatives, no-one except you ever needs to know we’re doing it.

For a completely confidential, no obligation, chat about your circumstances and for the chance to ask us questions about our services, call us or request a callback today.

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