Professional Podcast Editing

We offer full-service podcast management that specialises in providing high-quality solutions for influencers, businesses, brands and more. We are equipped to take on every stage of the podcasting process from conceptualisation and strategy to editing, promotion and distribution. You record, we do the rest.

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Podcast Advertising

To get your podcast heard and played you need a professional and consistent standard of production, including pre and post-production. A high-quality podcast will stand out from the crowd, especially when paired with SEO and Social Media promotions.

We try to offer a service that is as flexible as possible to suit your needs so whatever stage of the podcast you need help with. We can help.

Once we have your podcast written, recorded, edited and published. Then comes the hard part; Advertising to the right people.

  • Advertising on all the major podcast platforms
  • Build a following MUCH faster
  • Instant followers
  • Instant sales
  • Once you have a good following, other companies can sponsor you leading to another income stream.
  • Our video editing service can accompany your podcast as we can create shorts to go on all social media platforms promoting your podcast.

Let us help

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our podcast editing services are designed to save you time and money by offering a easy to use and affordable service. We save you time because the editing can all be done by us while you do other things. We can save you money by helping with the scripting process and recommending changes that can have an positive impact on sales of a product or service of yours.

  1. If you supply us the podcast audio and we are adding our professional touch to it. Pricing starts from £145+VAT per episode.
  2. If you want to take up the full suite of our podcast editing service, you can expect pricing from the £499 per episode region.

The more changes/extras you need, the higher this number will be.

This entirely depends on your industry. If you are interviewing industry leaders then these files maybe be 30-60 minutes long. 

If you are talking about the latest news then these could be 10-20 minutes.

It doesnt really matter how long these are but you want to keep the podcast as interesting as possible so press record, send us the file and we will do the rest.

Your podcast will be most visible on the platform you have the most followers on. 

If you are just starting out, our recommendation is always to publish episodes on every platform you own.

We can handle the whole publication process so you dont need to worry about which platforms to target.

Absolutely. We create a first draft for you to check and suggest any amendments. We then send a second/final draft before publishing for your approval before publishing.

Of course! If you only want us to publish and let you moderate comments then you will absolutely have access.

If you want us to do it all then you can still have access if needed.

Yes, of course. There are a multitude of ways to monetise your podcasts, such as through; affiliated programs (e.g. YouTube Partner Program), sponsorships and/or donations. Let us know if you wish to monetise your podcast and we can set this up for you.